As we are in 2021, and it is important for us to think of our security on the web. Security has become a major issue in recent years due to malicious attacks from cyber criminals who want nothing more than your private information. Which browser should you use?

Luckily there are many browsers out there and each one offers different levels of protection. We will review top major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and see which one is the secure browser for the users in 2021.

1. Chrome 
2. Firefox 
3. Edge 
4. Safari

What are the top major browsers and is one of them secure?

In the browser space we have 4 big players Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Each one of them has its own security features, but which browser is the most secure?

Google Chrome: Google’s flagship web-browser offers a variety in terms on privacy and protection. It also provides an easy to use interface for users who are not as tech savvy.

Firefox is a browser that has been around for many years and it offers some of the best security features out there. It also provides users with an easy to use interface, but not as user-friendly when compared against Chrome or Edge browsers which are more popular among newbies in this space.

Microsoft Edge has gaind a lot the last year, due to it’s new design and code. It is a browser that has been designed for the modern user and it offers some of best security features out there.

The last one on our list, Safari. Do Not Track is a feature often enabled in web browsers that claim to prevent companies from uniquely identifying users. Initially, this was intended to increase people’s privacy. Apple took an interesting position and disabled the functionality on Safari so it is unclear whether Do Not Track will gain adoption by websites and advertising agencies.

Does private browsing mode protect your information?

Most browsers now offer a “private browsing” or “incognito” mode which share many of the same characteristics as a normal browsing session. There are key differences, however, that can help you avoid sharing your information in ways you want to avoid.

Private browsing simply means it keeps out the browser history when you’re using a browser that is in private, meaning your browser history will not be saved. You are not anonymous when you use incognito mode. Your IP address is still visible to the websites you visit.

So what does private browsing mode do?

Private browsing mode does not make you private on the internet.

• Private browsing does not protect you from cookies and third-party trackers
• There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to internet usage
• Your credit card information can be stolen over a public wifi connection
• There are plenty of tools that could hack into your personal device

What are the top browser add-ons for security and privacy?

It’s no secret that the internet is a scary place where hackers and cybercriminals can get to your personal information.

What are some of the best browser add-ons for security and privacy?

There are many out there, but here are 5 great ones you may want to consider: 
1) uBlock Origin – This free browser-based ad blocker is the best option if you want advanced protection against tracking.

2) HTTPS Everywhere – This plugin forces websites to use secure connections when available. It will also fix links on unencrypted webpages that point to encrypted pages so they’re easier to follow. 

3) Privacy Badger – This extension blocks annoying ads and third party cookies from tracking your browsing habits across sites. 

4) Ghostery – Ghostery blocks trackers (ads, analytics software, social media buttons, etc.)

5) Cookie Autodelete – This deletes cookies that are no longer needed, leaving your browser faster.

Thats why you need a VPN for the most secure way when browsing the internet.

We recommend using a good VPN service to solve these problems easily. All you need to do is sign up for an account, download the app of your choosing onto your device, and connect with a server through the app that will let you browse securely.

Conclusion on secure browsers and privacy

The ultimate goal of a secure well-configured browser is to protect your data as you browse the web.

What is the best secure browser in 2021? It depends on your needs. I cannot recommend a single option, as each user has individual requirements that are subjective.