There are many reasons why experts from around the world recommend you to serious consider browsing anonymously, and the best route in such a situation happens to be through encrypted Virtual Private Network, which we also popularly refer to as the VPN.

While VPN has been used very widely to access pornographic content online, or even for accessing Second Life as the opposite gender, but what most people do not realize is that providing information on the internet can actually put your life at jeopardy, and you could put your financial information at risk.

For example, you are employed at a certain firm and your boss becomes aware of the IP address that you use at your home, he can easily track down all your activities on the internet and searches all the posts through your IP address. Moreover, your information can also be tracked down through the same technique by a competitor or someone who wants information regarding confidential communications or documents that might have been undertaken or accessed on the internet.

Several business owners have mentioned that they have been victims of espionage by rivals, and the list just does not include the larger ones since many small firms have also been affected.

Online espionage is a rampant problem being faced by individuals and businesses from around the world, and the target of such activities often happen to be data relating to various business and economic related information together with trade secrets, financial patterns and buying patterns.

You need to be very careful about sending emails and the documents attached in them since they can be easily traced and put the operations of your business at a major risk. As mentioned above, both individuals and businesses doing financial dealings online are at risk of being snooped down upon by unsuspected sources.

There is always the chance that your credit card details might end up being stolen by an individual who has managed to trace your activities, and this happens very often with individuals who do a lot of online shopping using PayPal and credit cards.

Apart from that, there have been several instances in which governments from around the world have intruded into the private activities of their citizens on the internet which is why the usage of VPN has become even more necessary than ever before.

The best example here is that of the Great Firewall of China which has been used by the Chinese authorities to block access to different websites that are considered to be harmful to governance and at the same time, for tracing the activities of various individuals.

The best solution in all these situations is that you should use to gain secure access online.