If you happen to be an expatriate who has been working in a country like China, then you might have definitely been going through a very frustrating situation when logging onto the internet just to find that nearly all of your favourite websites have been blocked by the government there.

The Chinese government has installed an elaborate system that allows it to block all those websites which contain content that it considers to be against the national interests of the People’s Republic, and it has not even spared social networking websites that are often taken for granted by individuals from the free world. Websites such as Bloggerspot, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all banned in China, and living without these websites online would be a nightmare for most of us out there.

Apart from that, there is always the chance that your email account might be snooped down upon by the various agencies working for the government if you have performed an activity that has aroused their suspicion. It is circumstances like these that really frustrate you and you wish to find the perfect solution for this problem. A large number of foreigners living in China have been using to access the internet without any hitch, and if you are planning to leave for such a country, then it is recommended that you sign up with such a service provider to ensure that you continue to use the internet without any problem.

The usage of VPN services is very common in China since they allow users to access websites and content that has been blocked by the government, and they provide for an excellent solution to this problem. Some people also try using proxies but the problem with such services is that you will not be able to access websites which work with JavaScript. on the other hand allow you trouble free access to the internet with some amazing packages which makes your experience worthwhile without compromising on your security and safety. VPNBlock.com operates numerous servers around the world in different locations which means that you can now easily access your favourite websites with much ease at an amazing speed, and with the Premium plan, you will have unlimited bandwidth at an amazing price.

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