Hulu Plus is now avalible on Apple TV and this device is getting better and better. If you live outside US you will have a very limited access to apps and movie serivces. But i will guide you to how to access all the serivces and apps to get the most out of your new Apple TV.

In order to use Hulu Plus you need an account

The problem is that if you access the Hulu Plus site from outside the US you will see the following message “Sorry, currently our video library can only be watched from within the United States”. Your computers IP address has given away your location and as a result you are prevented from using the service. What you need to do is fake your location and someone call it hide your ip address.

is really easy – all you need is a subscription to a Virtual Private Network (). This will allow you to obtain an American IP address and get around the block put in place by Hulu. Our service is perfect for this purpose. You buy one of our VPN Plans, we do recommend the ““. With this plan you will have access to over 25 ip around the world with no bandwidth limitation at all. But with our smaller plans like “” you can also get Hulu Plus but this plan has a monthly bandwidth limitation of 10GB. Select the plans thats works best for you. Once this is done then head on over to the Hulu Plus site once again and you will no longer be blocked.

Now you are ready for the next step of the process and create the actual account. The only problem here is that you can’t use a non American credit card as Hulu wont accept it. Lucky for us there is a solution to this problem as well: prepaid US credit cards. Head on over to this site and  and use it for .


How to setup your Apple TV

AppleTV has no built-in VPN client, so you need a VPN router to let it use a VPN connection.

But that’s quite simple; once you have a VPN router (so e.g. a router with DD-WRT firmware support), a possible setup would be:

DSL-Modem/Gateway router -> VPN router -> Apple TV


Connect all devices to our VPN

If you have multiple computers or various devices connected to your network, and wish for them to be routed through our VPN servers, you may prefer to setup a VPN connection on your actual router.

By doing so there is no need to configure every device separately, as your router will automatically connect all devices to our service.

This is especially useful for connecting devices with no built-in VPN support.

Here is some router that we recommend: