Error Codes and Solutions


This is an L2TP error. Try to use PPTP instead. If you are using VISTA, please make sure that you initiate the L2TP connection using our connection tool and not the network wizard. To use L2TP on Windows XP and 2000, you will need to download and run this registry file. Please restart your computer for the registy changes to take effect.


This error is most frequent on networks where PPTP is blocked. Select an L2TP server to connect. Please note that Windows XP might give error 789 with L2TP. Please see the solution above in that case.


This is a simple authentication error. Please make sure that you use the correct username and password. You might also get this error, if you try to log into the same VPN server more than once at the same time. If you suspect that someone else may be using your account, change your password in your VPN manager () and then disconnect active session with link that we provided on this control panel then try your VPN .

ERROR 806 or ERROR 721

A firewall or your ISP is blocking your VPN access. Please try connecting with both PPTP and L2TP. Please also see the similar error 807.


Most likely your virus filter or firewall application is blocking your VPN access. Known applicationas are AVG, BlackIce, Zone Alarm, Avast 5.x . (Please also see the similar error 806, 721)


This error is most frequent for mobile Internet users whose dataplan expired or ran out of available credits.

Unable to run the PBK file. Adobe PixelBender starts

Please  and run this registry file and reboot your computer.